We are independent designers & makers of fun, comfortable & fabulous holographic festival wear. Each piece we create is  designed to make you look as good as you feel. Gone are the days of dull colours & muted tones. It's time to express your outer sparkle & let you inner chameleon out. Sea Dragon Studio festival wear is lovingly handmade from delicious four-way stretch, breathable, wearable Sea Dragon Skin Holographic Lycra. We take fun seriously & we know that no one wants to spend hours thinking about that they're wearing. Sea Dragon Skin is easy, comfortable, adaptable & spectacular, taking you from dawn to dusk without a second thought. Our signature holographic style lights up the night & flashes with the brightness of a thousand suns by day.

Tried & tested from the dusty dance-floors of Melbourne to the precious playa we call 'Home', Sea Dragon Skin is for everyone & made for people just like you. We'll be honoured to help you create your own signature Sea Dragon style, that's why we love hearing from you, custom ideas & orders are always welcome in the Sea Dragon Studio.  You can select your own custom colour combinations with every order, every time.

Sea Dragon Studio is built on community, without you beautiful, shiny, happy people, we'd just be dancing alone. So thank you for being you, from the bottom of our hearts!

  Jesseca Diskobaal for Sea Dragon Studio
Sea Dragon Studio, where it all began. Just a few short years ago we were a one-woman show in the very back of an artists warehouse in Melbourne, Australia. These days our dreams of taking Sea Dragon worldwide have come true! Thank goodness we don't have to stamp our own business cards anymore!