Aww Melt Our Little Hearts, Our First Etsy Review

We just love making people look good & feel even better, so when we woke up to this raving review of our Hooded Disco Brawl Holographic Catsuit on Etsy, we were beyond stoked. 

We love hearing from you party people, whether we've made you something that you love, have a special request or an awesome idea for something we haven't even dreamed up yet, we want to hear what you've got to say. So drop us a line & let us know what you think, we're all ears.

This is my new favourite item of clothing. Takes up very little space in my carry-on and wows everyone who sees it. Super comfortable to wear and beautifully made, and the holographic Lycra is amazing looking. It even provides a degree of support in the front from the inner lining, I am a C cup and other backless things can be difficult to wear especially to dance in. Cannot recommend these enough!
— Diane Gordon via Etsy