Post Apocalyptic Glam Collaboration Shoot with Festival Bazaar

We are so excited to be part of this collaboration with Festival Bazaar and other Festival Vendors! 

The amazing people behind this photo shoot have made such great effort in creating this masterpiece. 

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Model: Emily Matheny (@emizzlesizzles)

Photographer: Charlie Shock (@schockcharlie) & Cole (@instacole_world)

Vendors: Sea Dragon Studio (@seadragonstudio), Diso Nerd (@disco_nerd), Monday Motor Bikes (@mondaymotorbikes), Audio Helkuik (@audiohelkuik), Lost Sewl Organics (@lost_sewl_organics), Naytures Empire (@nayturesempire) , My Willows (@mywillows), The Lyte Couture (@thelytecouture), Romarose (@romarose) & Cinclus design (@cinclusdesign)

Check out below the stunning photos they have created!

Jesseca Diskobaal