Sea Dragon Skin's New Dream Team

The New Sea Dragon Dream Team

We've got chills, they're multiplying & so is our family of mind bending holographic Sea Dragon Skins.

We couldn't help ourselves when we came across this turquoise treasure, we knew it had to be part of the team.

Sabre Tooth Tiger is our new favourite pet, a bright aqua with dazzling fractal holographic flashes of aquamarine, electric blue & pale green.

While we were at it, we took the liberty to freshen a few things up for Spring. You asked for it & we heard you, we've brought back a very new & improved Scarlet Fever, now a brighter, more fiery red, featuring fractal holographic flashes of amber, canary yellow & crimson.

Crowd favourite Party People Purple has gotten a wicked new holographic upgrade as well. Where once a sparkly, violet stood now lives a badass, deep purple shattered holographic Sea Dragon Skin with fractal flashes of fuchsia, indigo & violet. We're pretty much in love.