White Spandex Cloth Face Masks

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Cloth Face Masks can help to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

  • Adjustable Metal Nose Piece
  • Stretchy & Comfortable
  • Adjustable Elastic Sides
  • Two layers of 200GSM Weight Spandex
  • Hand-made with care
  • Barrier Against Touching Nose and Mouth
  • Reduce The Risk of Water Droplets Exiting or Entering The Nose & Mouth

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Fit Instructions:

🔵Grab the elastic on both sides and pull it tight, the fabric will bunch up and that's how it will get the rounded shape to fit your face.

🔵If the elastic is too long to comfortably fit around your ears, you can just re-tie it. We leave it a little bit on the long side for people with bigger faces.

*International rates may apply to other countries. Prices are shown in USD.

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