Glitter is very much a fashion staple at festivals world wide - and for good reason! Glitter makes everything better and satisfies our craving for sparkle and shine. 

However, glitter is notorious for damaging our mother Earth - the particles are so small we cannot filter them. As a result, these tiny particles keep getting into our waterways and causing damage to our marine life. And that's simply not what Sea Dragon Studio is about - no sparkle is worth damaging our environment.

Enter stage right - BioDegradable Glitter!

Bio-Glitter gives you all the shine and sparkle your festival body deserves - except the glittery little particles in this product actually dissolve and do not cause any harm to our earth or our oceans!

Made with 100% biodegradable material, Bio-Glitter helps protect the environment - yet still allows us to get our Glitter on! 

Sea Dragon is pleased to be able to offer Bio-Glitter in a range of 5 glittery colors - so you can sparkle like a boss all day - and all night long, too!

You can order your very own Bio-Glitter by clicking here

Sparkle responsibly, all you beautiful babes. ✨ 😉 ✨

Sea Dragon Studio Festival Clothing

June 12, 2017 — Jesseca Diskobaal

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