The Secret Behind Youthful Looking Sea Dragon Skin

Follow our washing instruction for tips on how to best care for your new Sea Dragon Skin festival wear, with proper care you'll be able to keep your Sea dragon Skin looking looking forever young. 

Top Tip: Hand Wash only in Cold Water, Line Dry out of direct sunlight & Avoid over-washing, in true festival style, try to only wash your gear when it really needs needs it. Over-washing creates extra wear & tear on all garments, sometimes all you might need is a good dust off or bit of a spot clean & you might be ready to boogie all over again in no time

These tips are also good to keep in mind:

  •  Avoid any rough surfaces such as stage edges, dancefloors or rough ground in general.
  •  Do not soak, bleach, iron, tumble dry, dry clean
  •  Do not pack or store when wet, remove any excess water and dry without delay.
  •  Avoid excess contact with suntan lotions, deodorants, make-up, perfume and harsh chemicals such as petrol (especially when refueling generators late at night!)
  • Although the best possible dyes are selected worldwide, the fastness of some shades must be treated with caution. Particular care should be taken with contrasting colours in the one garment.

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