Burning Man Fashion The Ny Times & Sea Dragon Studio - A Love Story

The NY Times Weighs in on Fashion at Burning Man

We had barely washed the playa from our newly formed & unintentional dreads when the news hit us, The NY Times had mentioned Sea Dragon Studio in a piece about Burning Man Fashion. Shocked, excited, honoured & amazed are all words we would use to describe the feelings we were working with when the messages started rolling in. 

Burning Man Fashion The Ny Times & Sea Dragon Studio - A Love Story

“Daniel Zeller, 31, who works in information technology and flew from Melbourne, Australia, for Burning Man, spent several hundred dollars on a slew of glitter onesies from Sea Dragon Studio, a company that specializes in Burning Man costumes. Last week, he was almost out the door to catch his flight, carrying over 60 pounds of outfits in his luggage, when he remembered he should probably bring some street clothes — at least for the airport.”
— Daniel Zeller via nytimes.com

Our good friend, espresso martini purveyor & fondue expert, Daniel Zeller, or Zellers as he's better known, was interviewed for the piece, with a suitcase full of handmade Sea Dragon Festival Outfits, he was ready to take in the delights of the great land we call Black Rock City.

“This year, holographic spandex onesies for men are big. For women, sparkling booty-shorts worn with nothing else are a perennial favorite. The perfect Burning Man costume, experts say, will be lightweight enough to keep the wearer happy in the desert sun, showy enough to turn heads and accommodating of such essentials as heavy boots and sunglasses.”
— nytimes.com

Burning Man Fashion The Ny Times & Sea Dragon Studio - A Love Story

Calling it "the biggest modern costume shows for adults outside Halloween" The NY Times goes on to discuss what's hot on the playa for guys, (holographic jumpsuits) & gals (sparkling booty-shorts & not much else).

Mary Hogue, a costumer herself, said “It has to be comfortable" & we couldn't agree more. We know what it's like to be in a fabulous costume you've planned for months only to find it to be an uncomfortable tragedy.

Outlining the basic do's & don'ts of Burning Man Outfits the writer explains that MOOPy things are a big no-no, poorly sewn on sequins, cheap, shedding feather boas & of course, the dreaded glitter bomb. We all want to sparkle though, so what's a burner to do? Choose MOOP-Free-guilt-free sparkle, your holographic Sea Dragon Skin isn't going anywhere, rest assured. If you need a little feather or sequin in your life, choose wisely, make sure the items you are bringing are sturdy, crafted to last & made with love, so they won't be dropping bits along the way.

We're getting geared up for another amazing year at Burning man, with new designs & even more Moop-Free Burner Style. We can't wait to see your sparkling faces & booties in the dust.

February 23, 2016 — Jesseca Diskobaal

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