Eclipse Festival Indonesia Pop-Up Shop

“Solar eclipses don’t happen very often and most of the time are not visible from an accessible landmass. On the morning of March 9th, it will be possible to experience one of the longest total solar eclipses in the history of the earth on narrow strip over the region of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Picture 5000 festival goers gathered on a mountain top feeling the power and grandeur of the cosmos all at the same time.”

Eclipse Festival Indonesia Pop-Up Shop

That's right, we're bringing our signature sparkle to Sulawesi for the much anticipated Eclipse Festival 2016 & we couldn't be more excited. 
This exotic & intimate boutique music festival boasts one of the worlds best views for the solar eclipse on March 9th. 
Visit us in our pop-up shop & boogie with us on the dancefloor, we can't wait to see you!

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February 22, 2016 — Jesseca Diskobaal

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