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Musicians 4 Hearing was founded with the mission of connecting those with a passion for sound, to those who need it most. Music and sound has been a long time passion of this long-time #SDglamfam member, Siobhan. We’re stoked to see her work for better access to hearing care across the world, and we want to help support her amazing efforts!  

(You can read more about Siobhan and why we love her, right here.)


Did you know over 360 million people live with disabling hearing loss, yet only 11% have access to the care they need? In some parts of the world, the chance of seeing an audiologist is less than 1 in 5 million. This makes it more likely to be struck by lighting than to see a hearing specialist. These are not good odds :( This is why Siobhan’s work with Musicians 4 Hearing is so great and why we’re so excited to support her.

We make our best memories on the dance floors across the world, and we’re so lucky that music is a part of it! This is why we’re stoked that one of Sea Dragon’s original supporters is helping people access the hearing care they need.

(Not gonna lie, we’re also pretty stoked to see Siobhan being such a rockstar in some Sea Dragon threads.)

You can also help Musicians 4 Hearing with the work they do:

  • $10 can keep a child’s hearing aid running for one year.
  • $75 can provide enough medication to treat chronic ear infections of 50 children
  • $250 can provide a basic hearing device to someone who needs it.  


January 11, 2019 — Madeline Snow

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