Rehab Radio Ddp + Pozible = Sea Dragon Skin

Our favourite party animals at Rehab Radio DDP are running a Pozible campaign to help keep the parties pumping. Rehab Radio Decentralized Dance Parties or DDPs are the highlight of Melbourne's vibrant street scene for so many of us. This year's Summer Series of boombox driven, eccentrically themed, roving dance parties set the streets & lanes of Melbourne alight with the energy & joy of hundreds of merry revelers, sharing a good old fashioned boogie.  From sAntAcon to Fitzroyalty & everything inbetween, it just wouldn't be summer in Melbourne without Rehab Radio throwing down the dance party gauntlet time & time again.

Rehab Radio DDPs are always free to join, but that that doesn't mean they don't cost anything. Unfortunately, boomboxes, batteries & boombox repairs don't fall from the sky (fortunately perhaps, on second thought...),  that's where Pozible comes in.  You can help Rehab Radio to repair & replace the fallen soldiers of their fleet of over 100 vintage boomboxes, as well as retroactively fund the battery supply for those awesome parties we couldn't get enough of last summer.

Rehab Radio doesn't do things by halves, thats one of the things we love most about this crew & their Pozible campaign is no exception. The prizes & rewards for contributing are some seriously awesome shwag. Now's your chance to score a DDP tee, bandana, VIP pass, Collectors item Vintage Boombox, or even your own pair of Sea Dragon Skin exclusive & limited edition Rehab Radio Leggings, Meggings or Booty Shorts for boys & girls, in classic, never seen before Rehab Radio Holographic Pink & Black. Every dollar helps so check out the campaign, choose your reward & get ready for another huge season of street party mayhem! 

May 31, 2015 — Jesseca Diskobaal

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