Get ready, it's time to boogie down Soul Train style for the final DDP of the season, this Saturday in Fitzroy. We've been dripping in gold in the Sea Dragon  workshop creating custom one-of-a-kind disco jumpsuits & 70s onesies for our pack of Sea Dragon dancing divas. We can't wait to hit the streets this weekend & we hope you can join us. So dust off those platform shoes, we're going to get funky in Fitzroy.

Soul Train - Rehab Radios Final Ddp Of The Season

Wondering exactly what a Decentralized Dance Party is?  A Decentralized Dance Party or DDP is a roving street party where everyone is welcome. Powered by as many boomboxes as we can carry, we roam the streets, dancing to an eclectic mix of party tunes & making the world a happier place. DDPs originated in Vancouver , Canada but have been making waves in Melbourne, gaining massive momentum one massive party after another.

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April 09, 2014 — Jesseca Diskobaal

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