The best thing about Festival Season is getting to dress up in colorful and fun-filled outfit. We at Sea Dragon is here to help you get your groove on with our different Holographic outfits!

Sea Dragon Studio is known for its unique holographic clothing with quality craftsmanship. Each piece is handmade and includes comfortable clothes and accessories.

We offer a wide range of clothing options - from bodysuits to hats and so much more! All our festival fashion items are definitely comfortable and fun to wear. We also have different fabrics to choose from to compliment your style and personality: disco brawl, midnight inferno, playa white, gold rush, and electric peacock. 

Our festival wear is handmade with four-way stretch, breathable, wearable Sea Dragon Skin holographic lycra.

Sea Dragon Studio Festival Clothing

Sea Dragon Studio Festival Clothing

Sea Dragon Studio Festival Clothing

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Watch below to learn more about the creator of Sea Dragon Studio - Jesseca Diskobaal!


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April 25, 2017 — Jesseca Diskobaal

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