Looking Fine @ Fashion Furor

Our first fashion show has come & gone, one thing's for sure, we had a blast. Fashion Furor showcased the diversity & passion of Melbourne's underground & alternative design scene. We were blessed with a beautiful day & the best team we could ever ask for, gorgeous make up by Helena Regina, our own private photographer Brian Alfaro as well as Fashion Furor photographer Izaak Todd, vintage boomboxes from our friends at  Rehab Radio & the continuous support from our champagne toting friends & loved ones. A special thanks to our fabulous & feisty Sea Dragon models, as well as the talented models & designers we shared the runway & market with. We cant wait to see more from these upcoming Melbourne designers.  Tail End Charlie,  The Trash Dolls, Miss Kittiness, Hi Jinx Designs, Victoria's Kingdom, Dr Strange, Tea Mate, Rococoro, & Dusk Moth